Unwind and Let Go: Meditating and Reconnecting to Nature


I will start looking earnestly for ways to tackle the worries I’m experiencing off and on. And I intend to go about their sources? Here are a few thoughts and ideas for you to start with.

If the past two years has taught us anything it’s that life can be unpredictable and we can’t take anything for granted. Of course, the high street and many businesses were already facing some tough struggles before coronavirus. Those challenges however couldn’t have prepared us for what has followed, especially the global pandemic.

Having the mindset to bring on a positive 2022 means being receptive. Receptive to new and forgotten old ideas, suggestions and ways of living and doing business.

On a personal level many of us have had or still have to cope with isolation and loneliness. After all, much of life throughout 2020/21 has been put on hold. We’ve perhaps been inspired to try viable, interesting options to care for and support ourselves, becoming more creative. Finding effective ways to be healthy and look after ourselves and acquire new skills has been a valuable lesson gained during this period.

Moving positively into 2022 means continuing to incorporate those lessons learned. No less important is focussing on ways to increase mental stability, rebalancing. The first lesson to be learned should always be titled: Let Go!

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