High Time to Curb Internet Addiction!

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Why Should We Curb Internet Addiction?

The first reason why it is high time to curb Internet addiction has been formulated recently by Tristan Harris. Harris has been working as a “design ethicist” at Google. He said that smartphones are engineered to be addicting. He certainly knows what he’s talking about.

Actually, people are not addicted to smartphones, computers, or other gadgets used to go online, but to what those devices make available. People crave the information, amusement, and virtual connections enabled by a myriad of programs, platforms, apps, and tools. These things, however, also invade our cognitive landscape. They stimulate compulsive use by generating shallow social approval – “likes” on Facebook and Instagram, “retweets” on Twitter. So, especially in susceptible kids and teens they easily provoke what is called smartphone or Internet addiction, leading to various cognitive or psychological imbalances.

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DIY Guide: How To Build Your Own Small Solar System

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Why Build A Small Solar System?

Load shedding again or a power failure exactly when you’re working on your PC or watching an episode of your soapy? A small solar system would give you just the perfect remedy, compensating for ESKOM’s every whim.

Currently solar energy generation is usually associated with huge installations. They provide houses or entire complexes with hot water and/or electricity at least partially or intermittently. But solar energy can also be used by small ‘island’-type solar systems, installed in your back yard or even on your balcony. It’s not difficult to assemble those systems by DIY. Size, capacities and performance you can pinpoint in detail according to your practical needs and your budget.

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