The Super-Rich Crave to Live Longer – Are You Rich Enough?

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How Much Is Enough – Rich, Richer, Super-Rich?

Multi-Billionaires crave to live longer. Larry Ellison, Jeff Bezos or Peter Thiel, to name just a few, invest billions in the business of living longer. Individual life expectancy far beyond the level even the most sophisticated medical skills currently can provide is the aim. That’s costly, so you better be among the super-rich.

Larry Ellison’s (Oracle Corporation) net worth amounts to 128.2 billion US$. Jeff Bezos’s (Amazon) net worth is even 210.7 billion US$. But Peter Thiel (PayPal, Palantir Technologies, Founders Fund), the poor wretch, only owns 3.5 billion US$. (2021 Figures from Forbes Trending)

Most South African High-Net-Worth-Individuals Are Too Poor By Far

Each of the 5 super-rich people residing in South Africa have at least net assets of US$1billion (14.6billion Rand) at their disposal. Maybe one or two of them could get in on an investment drive financing a life extension program. Google’s parent company Alphabet and the drug company AbbVie*, for example, finance the secret research centre “Calico” (California Life Company).

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