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I'm Martin
I’m Martin

Born and raised in the middle of the Austrian Alps, I emigrated to Germany when I was 19, studied sociology and political science in Munich, worked as a freelance political consultant, pursued media research and finally embarked on a new career in wildlife protection, domestic and international. For more than 20 years I collaborated with several wildlife protection oriented NGOs, the Greens in the German federal parliament and in the European parliament, and on projects launched by the state government of Hessen (Germany). One of those projects, the famous Tuli Elephant Saga” of 1998, ultimately brought me to South Africa and the rest is history. Currently I’m assisting in the management of a small backpackers lodge whilst still trying to grasp what might be or might have been the essence of my life.

And sorry, yes, I’m an incorrigible egghead, always been. So, please don’t expect to find too much nonsense on this site – save for, maybe, a few slips of the pen.

Please note that this blog is a completely private endeavour. No agenda is lurking behind it. However, the content is reader-supported in part. This means if you click on some links, then I may earn a t
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