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What it Might Take to Cope Still Better

In spite of living through tough times many people, on the whole, still feel quite content and happy with their situation—YOU being one of them, I guess. Not unlike with me, however, one or two unfinished issues in the back of your head might persist to rankle. Nagging feelings that something should be done about rather soon can easily interfere with your ambition to cope still better. Right now it may not seem a first-rate priority and so the temptation to postpone it once again easily prevails. Less than often feared, however, solving “little” problems requires far-reaching or radical changes of everyday life. Sometimes one only needs to be pointed to a set of practical tips, pieces of illuminating info, or to a useful tool or method.
Certainly, one could fill a whole book with lists of such potentially unfinished issues and only a few can be taken up on this website. So some posts will touch upon “eternal” things but most will deal with “modern” knowledge gaps, seemingly insurmountable challenges, and forgotten good intentions.


How many times have you resolved (for good, of course) to change or abandon certain personal habits (like smoking, drinking too much …) or adopt new ones like eating healthier, meditating, impact EARTH a bit less? And how often did you get stuck with those ambitions, nagging at your conscience? Here you will find some ideas how to revive them pragmatically.


Contemporary life gives rise to ever more everyday annoyances and challenges, be it that ESKOM switches your computer or TV off by load-shedding, or the kids struggle with (smart)phone addiction or frequent undesirable websites, your job leaves less and less time and attentiveness to shopping and cooking … practicable remedies are often available. Not all of them cost an arm and a leg.


Are you craving intriguing info on facts and conditions your life is based on, possibly without your knowing. On what is called the “bigger picture” Here you can find eye-opening pieces of information that are not in everybody’s mouth or on the front page of the media. In some cases you will be pointed to sources where you can get additional profound information.

The author of these articles introduces himself briefly on the ABOUT ME page.

If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change.”

Guiseppe Tomaso di Lampedusa,
The Leopard